Sustainable Hunting

Red Deer

The red deer is Britain’s largest native land mammal and has been voted Scotland’s most iconic species. Stalking is provided on a one to one basis and is mostly carried out on some of the mostly carried out on some of the most inspiring highland open ranges.

Roe Deer

The roe deer is native to the Uk and is mostly found in woodland, farmland and heathland habitats. Stalking is carried out early morning and late evenings in woodland.

Sika Deer

Sika deer are non native. They are very elusive and secretive. We control them in woodland situations where waiting is the favorable approach.

Woodcock Shooting

Any woodcock shooting is carried out on a small scale and is very weather dependent. We monitor local populations and only shoot sustainable numbers. All profits made from the shooting go directly back into the management of this magnificent wading bird.

“Stalking wild game can be very physically demanding.
You’ll work hard and earn your rewards.”


Providing social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits for future generations.


Butchering of our own Venison to supply locally.

Wild venison is described as the clean healthy meat. It is low in fat and calories but high in trace elements like iron and vitamin B (compared to beef).

Our venison is fully traceable to an exact spot where it was selectively culled. This ensures that only the highest quality goes into the food chain.
Our qualified and experienced team monitor and control the full process from culling to packaging ensuring high standards. Providing you with a quality product.


We offer the opportunity to stalk and cull a selected deer extract the carcass to the larder. Be involved in the checks and butchering process. Then package it to take home to you family and friends.
When there is a story involved when your venison is on your plate it tastes that little bit better. You also know you’ve earned it!

Haunch roast £17 per kilo
Haunch steaks £18 per kilo
Minute steaks £18 per kilo
Loin medallions £27 per kilo
Haunch fillet £27 per kilo
Fillet mignon £27 per kilo
Diced haunch £12 per kilo
Diced shoulder £12 per kilo
Sausages £12 per kilo
Burgers £12 per kilo


Deer and Vermin management on private land and government contracts.

  • We offer a professional service in the management of deer, vermin and habitats.

  • We have a proven record in achieving the targets and objectives set out in the contracts criteria.

  • Stringent health & safety, qualified team, guaranteed delivery are some of our portfolio policies.

    Contact us if you require a solution to your management plans.

Contact Details

We are based in Argyll, Scotland.